Qualifications & General Rules

Chapter Owner Qualifications

Must already be a member or chapter moderator on any Network.

Should be eligible to donate Rupees one lakh per year per chapter to the district.

At least 100 entrepreneurs should join the chapter.

Must be capable of holding four mandatory meetings every month.

IENK should review the merits of the trades conducted through the IENK, the profits obtained, the referral of a large number of new members and reward them monthly.

Membership Qualifications

Must be at least MSME or GST certified company.

The company should be able to handle at least 5 lakh tonnes per annum.

Must be able to attend IENK meeting at least twice in a month.

General Rules

Only one professional person may be a member per chapter.

Mandatory quality products, right price, timely delivery should be followed on the IENK Network.

Compulsory credit transactions are not allowed on the IENK Network.

The IENK shall not be liable for any member credit.

People on the IENK Network are asked to make cash transactions compulsorily.

If substandard products are found to be supplied by people on the IENK Network. Membership will be immediately revoked subject to the Chapter Owner and the IENK legal plan.

Every payment under 80G &12A eligible for donations made by any member or chapter owner for INEK.

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