Causes of Global Warming: Greenhouse gases are naturally produced. But the activities of the mind 

greatly increase the production of these gases . Actions that increase the production of greenhouse gases:

  • Deforestation
  • Burning of fuels like petroleum
  • Agricultural events
  • Decomposition of dead organisms
  • Power stations
  • Air pollution caused by vehicles
  • A volcanic eruption
  • Industrialization

Deforestation:Trees inhale carbon dioxide to keep the atmospheric temperature constant. When we cut trees, their absorption ends and the carbon stored in the trees is released.

Combustion of petroleum like materials:

Carbon dioxide is released when carbon fuels such as petroleum are burned .

Events related to agriculture:Cattle and goats emit most of 

the methane gas during digestion. 

Fertilizers contain nitrogen and form nitrous oxide .

Decomposition of Dead Organisms :After an organism dies, carbon is released from it 

during the process of composting . This carbon mixes with air, water and land to form carbon dioxide .

Power Stations:The burning of organic fuels in power plants releases a large amount of  carbon dioxide .

Pollution due to vehicles:Vehicles also produce large amounts of carbon dioxide because they use 

organic fuels.

Volcanic Eruption:During volcanic eruptions, 

gases, ash and fine dust are released from it. 

Sulfur dioxide in these gases contributes 

to global warming and carbon dioxide contributes to global warming.

Industrialization :Due to rapid 

population growth, 

the number of factories is also increasing . Due to this, more fuel is burnt and causes global warming.

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Effects of global warming

Effects of Global Warming:

  • As the Earth warms, the average temperature of our environment increases
  • Glaciers are melting rapidly and raising sea levels .
  • Unexpected seasonal changes like frequent floods, soil erosion, storms, etc
  • As the acidity of the ocean increases, organisms such as coral reefs die.
  • Waterborne and insect-borne diseases are on the rise .

Ways to prevent global warming :

  • Reducing the use of organic fuels .
  • Planting trees.
  • Creating recyclable materials.
  • Using devices that use very little fuel to generate electricity.


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